Chiropractic Neurology provides safe and effective rehabilitation for injuries and illnesses of the nervous system. Neuroscience confirms that we can improve function of almost any part of the brain with the right stimulation.
Each part of the brain has multiple inputs. This creates the opportunity to heal the brain through many different avenues.

Some examples:

  • Light, Sound, Eye-Movement Exercises.
  • Sensory Rehabilitation Techniques
  • Motor Rehabilitation Techniques: Timing, Speed, Coordination.
  • Balance Therapy and Fall Prevention
  • Vertigo Treatments
  • Natural Supplementation Specific for the Nervous System

Chiropractic Neurology is a board-regulated specialty similar to specialties within conventional medicine. Chiropractic College is a five-year training comparable to medical school. Two additional years of advanced education and a national board exam are required to become a Chiropractic Neurologist.

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About six years ago I was diagnosed with an undefined movement/seizure disorder and put on a series of medications, most notably Neurontin. After going to countless Neurologists without any diagnoses, I discovered Dr. Eichwald. In just one visit, he was able to make a quick diagnosis of my movement issues and offer a variety of techniques to combat the sometimes severe episodes. Since meeting Dr. Eichwald a year ago, my episodes have reduced from approximately three a week to just about one a month. Although I still have many symptoms and often times cannot control the onset of an episode, Chiropractic Neurology has helped me greatly with a medical issue that couldn’t be helped by those in mainstream Neurology.

H. O., Springfield, MA